Classroom without borders

Ask questions from any subject and let the best brains around the world collaborate with you on the solution.

Made just for you

Assignments and academic projects can be a burden sometimes, but not when shared on Hiclass.

Adequate Support

With Hiclass support team, we provide all types of support for your needs.

Clean Design

Clean and visually-appealing user-interface and interactions.

Easy Sharing

You can easily share pictures and actual files of project work or assignments with colleagues.

How it works

The following simple steps will surely get you started on Hiclass in no time:

Login/sign up

Post your academic question.

Attach a diagram or draw Image to the question.

Scholars/peers answer the questions.

Get notified (notification) about the answers.

Search for existing academic questions (asked by other users).

App Features

Enjoy lots of exciting features and more on Hiclass.

Contribution Champs

You can become a contribution Champion if you contribute to at least 50 questions.

Upload Images

You can simply add images to your Questions from gallery of snap and upload directly.

24hrs Support

If there are any issues with your app, all you have to do is contact us and we fix right away!

Upload Files

Almost all kind of file extensions are supported and can be attached to your questions.

Clean & Simple

Top-notch design with easy navigation and use.

More Features

We will keep adding more features to make things easier.

Hiclass Scholars

Our scholars are highly intelligent and inesteemable. Take a look at some profiles


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